Age: Unknown

Birthday: Unknown

Quote: "Madness? HA you haven't seen anything yet!"

Personality: Maniacal, and Crazy

Abilities: Necromancy Magic

Raise the Dead - User summons an army of undead to fight enemies.

Mind Paralysis - User syncs with enemies mind and can paralyze their body.

Phantom Puppet Tether - User uses dark energy to tether enemies and control them like puppets.

Reanimation Chimera - User summons a chimera that fights for them.

Self Infliction Opera - User is able to sync enemies with them and cause damage to themselves while injuring their enemy.


Mephisto, often known as the Mad Jester of the other dimensions, has caused havoc for centuries. He is a necromancer and uses his dark abilities to summon armies of the dead to do his bidding. He worships his master, Pandora, and wishes to release him in an attempt to bring fourth chaos upon the dimensions and bring down the Agents of the Exiled. After his first failed attempt of releasing Pandora from the Infinity Prison during the Dark Ages, Mephisto has been in hiding, quietly monitoring the movements of the Agents and plotting his second coming and releasing Pandora. Although, Mephisto appears to look like a child, he is actually much older than he seems. He uses the alias of Judas Blackthorne to walk freely on Earth as he plans to wreak havoc upon the other