Spriggans about 5-6 feet tall. They are made of wood, with leaves growing out of them. They have a branch like horns and glowing green eyes. Some  Spriggans have thorns around them for protection from attacks. Moss is known to grown on these fairies giving them a greenish look. Spriggans are well known to go through seasonal changes. During springs they will grow new leaves, during fall their leaves will turn orange and brown, while during the winter their leaves are completely gone


These fairies are considered the bodyguards of titania's kingdom. They often are found around barrows, cairns, and other treasure hoarding area, they guard and protect with their lives. Spriggans are well-known for their mischievous personality and willing to harm those when have offended them.  Spriggans do have nature powers, like the ability to grow vines to ensnare their enemies, or the ability to drain energy from their victims. Major weaknesses of spriggans are plagues that affect trees and fire. 


Energy draining magic- weakens and drains energy from their enemies, as they have the ability to give the drained energy to other creatures. 

plant manipulation magic- control plants, and vines

Ability to produce hallucinating spores - causes their enemies to hallucinate