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There are five gods that rule over Dimensions, these being the rulers and decision makers over time and space. The first god is Messiah, who is the God of Creation and ruler over Avalon, and as legend goes, he created the heavens and earths along with everything else in between. The Oracles serve Messiah as his holy army, which they have fought against Deimos the God of the Undrworld over territory, for as long as time has been existent. The next god is Arcanam, he is the God of the Dimensions. The Agents of Exiled and the Personas serve under Arcanam and maintain the peace between the different dimensions. In the Mosaic Realm, however, there are several universes that are ruled over by gods of their own, these universes include Universe Alpha, Beta, Gamma, and Omega. The Gods of the Dimensions do not hold jurisdiction over the gods of the universes that reside in the Mosaic Dimension. Messiah set rules into place to prevent the Gods of the universes from dictating the inner workings of the Dimensional Gods and in exchange the Universal Gods would be left to handle their own issues, unless it began to affect the Dimensions. Deimos is the god following, he is the God of the Undrworld and ruler of Pandemonium. He along with his army of Dravens have fought Messiah and his Oracles for as long as time can tell over territorial rights of the different dimensions. Nyx is the next god, the God of Life and Death. She works closely with Messiah and Deimos and helps guide souls between the dimensions to their rightful resting place. Although neutral in their conflict, Nyx takes the side of Messiah, but regulary hangs around Arcanam to avoid being dragged in the middle of the conflict. Oryon is the final god, and he is the God of Armageddon. Commonly referenced as Armageddon himself, Oryon is the Harbinger of the end of time itself and is considered to be even feared by all the other gods. Oryon has been sealed for millenniums after he tried to overthrow Messiah. His sealing place is currently deep within the boundaries of the Dimensional Void and only Arcanam and Messiah know of his exact location. Only time will tell when he will break from his deep sleep and reign fire and destruction upon the dimensions once more.

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