Will O' The wisps, or Wisps for short. Many people don't know what these glowing flickering balls of flames are supposed to me.  These "things" appear in the woods, swamps, marshes, or any wetlands. They have a bright mysterious glow in the night. They're often called ghost lights. Most people claim them to be the souls of humans who can't go to heaven or Hell spending their life now wandering on earth. Some claim the wisps to be mischevious Faeries. Wisps appear in most cultures around the world, they appear in most folklore in European countries, even down in Mexico. But wisps all have an unnatural ability to make people want to follow these beautiful lights. Wisps come in most commonly Blue, but they can appear in green, orange, yellow and purple. 

Wisps are represented in different ways. Some folklore represents Wisps as kind, appearing in the woods at night to help aid lost travelers back on the right path, or to even lead people to treasure. They're mostly represented as a range of Michevous or malevolent viewed as omen death. They lead travelers to get lost, in the woods or in the marches. They lead travelers into dangerous situations. In Denmark, Will O' the wisp is often called  Jack-o-Lanterns. In the Netherlands, they're thought to believe to the souls of unbaptized children. German folklore, Will O' The Wisps. While some people believe Will O' The wisps are just been natural gases from the swamps.

Many faeries of Titania's kingdom use the folklore of the Will O' The wisps to their advantages to lure humans either away from their land or to ensnare them into a trap. 

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